Flipidea 2.0.12 release notes

Flipidea 2.0.12 release notes

We're delighted to announce the release of Flipidea 2.0.12, which includes feature releases, new updates, and issues fixes.

Released on 7 April 2020 - by founders, for founders.


  • Database (28 inactive companies; shown): we added 28 new inactive companies to our live.database which sums up to 428 inactive companies till page 22 on our site (previously, 400 inactive companies).
  • Site performance: we improved our object storage to make our site quicker, more secured, and scalable.
  • TEASER - user dashboard: we're building our dashboard to empower you in flying our rocketship; once logged in, you'll see it.


  • Side navigation bar (child tabs, tabs' arrows): we animated the child tabs with 'underlines' when you mouse over them so you'd know they're 'alive', and we moved our tabs' arrow to the left margin because they aren't always right.
  • Database maintenance: we made some internal updates and maintenance to our database so that it works more efficiently for our data team and your browsing experience.
  • Web security configuration: we configured our security to ward off skynet's bots from harming our site and prevent them to go after you.


  • Detailed-view (country, industry, categories): we fixed the buttons so they'll animate for your attention to click on them.
  • Pagination: as you click 'next' from the results of companies shown from advanced search and idea checker, the page starts from the top.
  • 'Top 10 reasons why startups shut down' chart (mobile responsive): we gave padding to the texts below the chart so they don't cross your eyes.
  • Copyright (login page): on mobile view, we fixed the copyright info on our login page to stop it running away from your sight.

Issues and errors

  • Search: our basic search turned out to be the harder build than our advanced search, so it's still not fixed and remains unavailable.
  • Filter buttons (city, state, reasons for failure): we redesigned our search and advanced search, and these filter rules are not done yet.


  • Our industry and categories buttons can only be filtered separately.
  • Meaning to say, if you're filtering the companies by clicking on the industry button, and you're not able to continue filtering by clicking on the categories buttons.
  • In order to filter the categories, you'd need to return to previous page and click on the categories buttons, and you're also not able to continue further filter the companies as you desire.
  • If you want us to add new research questions, let us know.
  • Something is wrong or broken? Tweet us or write us.

Affiliate partnership: EIN Presswire costs lower and is more affordable for new startups and small companies.
Affiliate partnership: EIN Presswire costs lower and is more affordable for new startups and small companies.

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Last edited on 6 January 2022.