Flipidea 2.0.22 release notes

Flipidea 2.0.22 release notes

We're delighted to announce the release of Flipidea 2.0.22, which includes feature releases, new updates, and issues fixes.

Released on 5 September 2020 - by founders, for founders.


  • Database (100 fundraising data): 2 of our girls are becoming "fundraising gurus" after analysing 100 companies' fundraising data.
  • Database (16,220 companies' data update): Flipper our AI bot searched the Web and found the missing data to add to his collections.
  • Online payment gateway solution (development connectivity and mock payment testings): we'd integrated the online payment gateway solution by Baiduri Bank Group in Brunei Darussalam unto our platform, and have been testing it to ensure your payment security.
  • Pricing plans (planning and design): we can't wait to offer you our useful features to empower you in building innovative businesses.


  • Data monitoring: Flipper found more than 2 million shuttered companies, and is monitoring more than 30 million active companies.
  • Data reporting: technically, our new data reporting system is ready for Beta testing but our interface for the 'Credit balance' malfunctioned upon update, so we're fixing it and aim to release in the coming days.
  • Database (50 inactive companies; for subscription customers): we added 50 new inactive companies to our live.database (total: 550 inactive companies) but only 500 inactive companies are featured in our Free plan; view our pricing plans and subscribe to access more inactive companies.
  • Business language training: for the past 3 months, Flipper have been taking night classes to improve his language skills.


  • Database admin CMS: we did some touch up work on our interface.
  • Self-promotional card: we improved the copywriting Paul did.
  • Investment info (detailed-work): did you know that there are "treasures" to be unlocked with our premium plans?

Issues and errors

  • Advanced search (city, state): due to the covid-19 pandemic, our cities and states remain locked down as it's too dangerous to travel now while we practice physical distancing by staying at home.
  • Filter buttons (city, state): since we're all staying at home, we can't explore and visit other cities and states.


  • Although our new data reporting system (beta) is technically working but our Credit Balance page is currently down.
  • We're urgently fixing this issue so you can start earning your rewards.
  • If you want us to add new research questions, let us know.
  • Something is wrong or broken? Tweet us or write us.

Affiliate partnership: EIN Presswire costs lower and is more affordable for new startups and small companies.
Affiliate partnership: EIN Presswire costs lower and is more affordable for new startups and small companies.

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