roiquant 3.1.13 release notes

Basic market sizing simulator: pre-revenue method
Basic market sizing simulator: pre-revenue method

We're delighted to announce the release of roiquant 3.1.13, which includes features releases, new updates and issues fixes.

Released on 24-25 & 27 February 2022 - by founders, for founders.


  • Rebranded Flipidea as roiquant: we've changed our brand name to better identify ourselves according to our solutions offering, and it's pronounced as rói - kwänt, a combination of 2 words, ROI and quant.
    • ROI = Return on Investment
    • Quant = Quantitative analysis
      • According to Wikipedia, "quantitative analysis is the use of mathematical and statistical methods in finance and investment management".
    • In order to help early stage founders build strong competitive businesses with high ROI, we're developing an affordable startup intelligence (powered by proprietary AI and intelligent quant systems) to help founders analyze the capital markets, competitive landscape, companies performance, business strategies, risk factors, and more, for actionable insights.
    • With our affordable startup intelligence, now every founder can be a quant analyst to reduce costly mistakes, make prudent strategies, innovate creatively, and fundraise strategically.
  • Simulation - market sizing (basic; pre-revenue method): you may now easily estimate your market size in Total Addressable Market, Serviceable Addressable Market, and Serviceable Obtainable Market scenarios, while considering your market penetration rate, in 3 different assumptions (low, medium, high).


  • Website domain update: upon accessing our old website domain (no longer in use), you'll be redirected to
  • Private APIs management: reconfigured and updated our API management system to better monitor and manage our serverless APIs.
  • Database: we enriched numerous datasets, attributes, and taxonomy to improve our data quality and data pipelines.
  • Codebase clean-up & documentation: since our senior tech team got back from their break in Jan 2022, they've been doing some "housekeeping" on our projects' codebase and code documentation.
  • Data export (idea checker & pitch deck analytics): we've completed our experiments and learned how to export the input data, for our idea checker and pitch deck analytics features, in the optimal structure for reporting.


  • UI/UX fixes: we're always improving for your better experience.


  • Training - new team members: over the past 3 months, we recruited 2 new developers, 1 finance & securities analyst, 1 aspiring developer, and 1 database administrator.
    • So apart from juggling between our backlogs, we've also been training our new team members for their roles.

Issues and errors

  • Confidentiality agreement: the NDA form for both the idea checker and pitch deck analytics will stop popping out in your next login.
    • It's a quick fix for the time being, we'll fully fix it in due time.

What to expect in our next major release on 18 March 2022

  • Pitch deck analytics: to improve data models and algorithms for optimal accuracy.
  • Simulation - start-up costing: to simulate a new venture's start up cost.
  • Referral system: to send out referal invites and get rewarded.
  • Database: to enrich datasets and collect more data.

*Note: Features release schedule is tentative and may subject to change.


Affiliate partnership: EIN Presswire costs lower and is more affordable for new startups and small companies.
Affiliate partnership: EIN Presswire costs lower and is more affordable for new startups and small companies.

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Last edited on 4 May 2022.